Compiled based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) suitable for each level of learners. Books and each lesson are designed to be eye-catching, attractive, connecting 12 levels, following the new general education curriculum framework of the Ministry of Education and Training.

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Dai Truong Phat has many types of reference books, exam preparation for children and adults. Besides paper books, we also provide digital resources and online English learning apps. We regularly organize training sessions on English teaching methods for teachers.

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We also offer

Digital solutions


Educational software

In order to address the needs of students and parents, Eduhome is a cross-platform application with a digital resource ecosystem that includes: digital learning materials, games, exercises, lectures for students from preschool to high school.

Practice Tests Application

Educational software

Practice Tests include books and their digital versions with 4 levels for middle school students. Students can get a better understanding of the latest test formats and exam questions by taking the Practice Tests.

School Dictionary

Educational software

With more than 5,000 common words, School Dictionary application is a complete English – Vietnamese dictionary application for students, providing more than 90% of vocabulary used in daily communication.

Từ điển School Dictionary


Our pride is the i-Learn Smart Kids program – for children from 3 to 5 years old, the i-Learn Smart Start Primary English Program – for students in grades 1 to 5 and the i-Learn Smart Start program for students in grades 1 to 5. -Learn Smart World – for 6th to 9th grade students.

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Dai Truong Phat Education Group has solutions for teaching infrastructure including multi-function smart classrooms, VESTEL interactive screens, interactive whiteboards, and teaching equipment. Tập đoàn Giáo dục Đại Trường Phát consults, designs, builds user-friendly and software library management solutions.

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