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Anh ngữ trẻ em First Steps

First Steps English for Children

First Steps English for Children is for kids ages 4 to 5 ½ and offers a variety of enjoyable games, songs, and projects to develop creativity and build a love of learning. A comprehensive development focus gives children the essential language for a confident start to Grade 1.​

  • Familiar and highly applicable topics with appealing and appropriate content​.
  • The lessons enable children to use simple and easy-to-remember vocabulary.
  • Activities develop the fundamentals of English conversation.​
  • Supported by a team of professional instructors and teaching assistants to ensure student’s learning progress​.
i-Learn Smart Kids

i-Learn Superkids

The i-Learn Superkids program, including i-Learn Smart Kids and i-Learn Smart Math & Science courses, is an English curriculum for students in Grades 1 through 5.

  • Fully develop the four skills: Listening – Reading – Writing – Speaking, and gain standard pronunciation and native-like intonation.​
  • Enhance skills & knowledge to help students succeed in English in public school exams and international tests (Starters, Movers, Flyers).​
  • Free access to an extensive library of video lessons​
  • Practice English through fun and engaging interactive games on smart devices (smartphone, tablet, and PC)​
  • Free access to supplemental apps such as reference books and picture dictionaries to reinforce and extend knowledge.​
  • Smart classroom management system assists in tracking student learning progress while connecting students, teachers, and schools.​
  • Learn English while mastering the fundamentals of Math and Science.​
  • Children can practice observation, analysis, evaluation, problem-solving and other 21st Century skills thanks to the interdisciplinary integration of Math and Science through English.​
  • Develop logical thinking and communication skills in English.
i-Learn Smart Teens

i-Learn Smart Teens

For students in Grades 6 to 9, the i-Learn Smart Teens program offers a variety of options to best meet their individual learning approaches.

  • Improve pronunciation and become confident in communication ​
  • Enhance skills & knowledge to achieve excellent results in English tests at school and in international exams (KET, PET, FCE).​
  • Free access to the extensive video lessons library.​
  • Practice English through fun and engaging interactive games on smart devices (smartphone, tablet, and PC)​
  • Smart classroom management system assists in tracking student learning progress while connecting students, teachers, and schools.