Classroom Standards

  • Premium classrooms with a modern, energetic, and playful atmosphere. ​
  • High-quality tables and chairs for Kindergarten students.​
  • Educational equipment includes a 65-inch interactive display or interactive whiteboard, projector, and high-end PC.

Curriculum & Syllabus

  • The Happy Hearts & Amanda and Friends books are designed with beautiful illustrations and a wide range of interactive activities using games, music, and storytelling.​
  • The syllabus is designed to be delivered by both Vietnamese and native teachers. Topics include school, family, toys, animals, and food.

Key Features

  • Rich, captivating, vibrant, and instructive content designed to foster children’s comprehensive growth.​
  • Cutting-edge educational technology. ​
  • Extensive supplemental materials. ​
  • Children’s understanding of their surroundings developed through charming pictures and characters in interactive activities.